Leakage – The Problem & A Novel Solution

Patient leakage is a major issue that affects healthcare systems across the country. It’s an issue that most executives realize is a serious problem, but many are not sure how to prevent it or even measure it.

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A New Era in Telemedicine Fueled by COVID-19 Regulation Changes

Regulation changes from the COVID-19 pandemic have fueled a new era in telemedicine

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The Most Searched Symptoms in All 50 States

Each state's most searched symptom reveals some fascinating insights

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Diagnosis Error: An American Epidemic

The shocking statistics behind diagnosis error in American healthcare

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Hope: What the New Era of Telehealth Brings for All of Us

The COVID-19 pandemic has sparked a drastic shift towards telemedicine.

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Patient Engagement: What The Evidence Says

Why patient engagement is more important now than ever, and what your organization can do to improve it.

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