Patient Engagement Technology

Engage patients with a digital front door

User-friendly, clinically-robust tools that make getting quality healthcare easier than ever.

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MayaMD all-in-one telemedicine platform with an AI health assistant built in to check symptoms, schedule appointments, triage to appropriate care, virtually meet with a provider and more.
Chat with Maya, your AI health assistant, to check symptoms and get recommended appropriate care options by answering her questions through normal conversation using the MayaMD app.
Meet Maya, your AI health assistant. MayaMD healthcare technology solutions for superior patient engagement, patient triage, telemedicine and more.

MayaMD is a digital health assistant that uses advanced clinical algorithms to process any number or combination of symptoms, physical signs and past medical history in less than a half a second.

< 90s
From Start to Triage
Triage Accuracy
Symptoms & Conditions

Provide personalized, comprehensive care every step of the patient journey

Built upon an extensive library of evidence-based medical knowledge, MayaMD can provide patients with relevant information and treatment advice for countless conditions.

Long-term care coordination and chronic care management made easy
Patient experience is tailored to their unique set of symptoms, medical history and much more
MayaMD digital AI health assistant and symptom checker with a digital human interface
MayaMD digital AI health assistant app with personalized health assessments and treatment recommendations

Engage patients through conversation

Maya’s conversational interface allows patients to interact with her via audio or text, providing a more natural-feeling and accessible way to receive care.

Interact with Maya via digital human or text-based chatbot
Explain symptoms and answer Maya’s questions through normal conversation

Give patients the best healthcare technology available

By proactively engaging patients and streamlining the process to follow through with next steps, Maya makes getting quality care easier than ever.

On-demand answers to medical questions
Patient education materials for critical health literacy
Proactive treatment, medication and appointment reminders
MayaMD digital AI health assistant app to give personalized health assessments and treatment recommendations

Superior customer experience strengthens patient engagement and correlates to 50% higher hospital margins.

It's a win-win for patients and providers, because engaged patients cost 25% less than disengaged ones.


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MayaMD is the ultimate patient engagement solution.

MayaMD's robust clinical engine was built using state of the art AI and a library of evidence-based medical knowledge, allowing it to interpret complex clinical data and give inferences found only among doctors with decades of experience while continuously learning and improving over time.