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From symptoms to triage in less than a minute

Tell Maya your symptoms, answer her questions and get personalized healthcare insights with recommended next steps in under a minute.

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MayaMD is a digital health assistant that uses advanced clinical algorithms to process any number or combination of symptoms, physical signs and past medical history in less than a half a second.

Lower Readmissions
Triage Accuracy
Symptoms & Conditions

Check symptoms in less than a minute

Explain your symptoms and answer Maya’s questions through normal conversation while she processes countless combinations of symptoms, physical signs, past medical history and more.

Robust Clinical Algorithms Built on Medical Knowledge Database
94% Triage Accuracy
Suggests appropriate labs, physical signs, triage & more

Fewer unnecessary visits

By combining the power of AI with the best medical expertise of physicians, Maya provides unparalleled access to care anytime and  anywhere, limiting the chance of unnecessary visits to the doctor.

Instant access to questions about symptoms
Relevant medical information in an easy-to-understand format
Sound insight so you can get back to enjoying life

Powerful clinical decision support tools

Maya automatically sends physicians a detailed patient note prior to their visit with valuable, time-saving information like documented medical history, chief complaint, differential diagnosis, and recommended labs, physical signs and radiology.

Faster, more productive visits
Reduce errors and improve accuracy
Built by doctors for doctors

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Bringing together prediction, physician and precision

Diagnostic self-triage where the expertise of thousands of doctors meets the speed of cutting-edge technology.