MayaMD digital AI health assistant symptom checker

A new generation of digital healthcare technology

AI technology to engage patients and empower providers to improve quality & reduce cost of care.

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MayaMD digital AI health assistant symptom checker

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MayaMD combines the power of AI with the best medical expertise of physicians to deliver unparalleled access to healthcare

Each of our digital healthcare solutions is built upon the MayaMD clinical engine; a combination of advanced AI trained to replicate the clinical intelligence of expert physicians and a database of evidence-based medical knowledge.

Patient Engagement

Attract, engage and empower patients to get the quality healthcare they deserve.

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Symptoms & Conditions
MayaMD AI Health Assistant app screenshot. Check symptoms with some of the most advanced clinical algorithms on the market.

AI Health Assistant

Explain your symptoms and answer Maya’s questions through normal conversation while she processes countless combinations of symptoms, physical signs, past medical history and more.

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Triage & Telemedicine

Automatically route patients to the best care option, whether it's a virtual visit with a telemedicine provider, an in-person appointment or preventing an unnecessary visit altogether.

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Diabetes, Heart Disease & more
Care Plans Available in Maya

Remote Patient Monitoring

Proactively engage and support patients with streamlined access to care anytime, anywhere.

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The most advanced digital health assistant on the market

Using advanced clinical algorithms, Maya can process any number or combination of symptoms, labs, past medical history, and medications in less than a half a second and send detailed notes to health providers. 

< 90s
Time from start to triage
Triage accuracy
Symptoms and conditions
Physician hours
Developer hours
Physician responses to train Maya
< 24hr
Time to add new modules
Years of development