Optimize Your Patient Discharge

Lower readmissions, save nurse time & improve patient satisfaction.

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Based on a proven patient discharge formula that’s been adopted by the National Quality Forum as one of 30 safe practices, MayaRED (Re-Engineered Discharge), offers your facility an innovative digital solution using the best technology available to improve your discharge service.

Using AI and natural language processing MayaRED helps to automate the patient discharge process, helping your patients with transitions in care, alleviating staff time and helping to improve patient satisfaction.

Improve transition from hospital to home

Automate and streamline the patient discharge process. MayaRED automates patient discharge with customized, interactive care plans that boost engagement and greatly improve quality of care.

Improve patient education & recall
Personal health assistant that improves  communication at discharge
Increase treatment & medication adherence

Personalized discharge plan

MayaRED gives patients a written discharge plan, then guides them through it step by step. From written plans and patient education to medication reconciliation and follow up plans.

Guide patients through their personalized, written discharge plan
On-demand information about the patient's diagnosis, medications, follow-up appointments and more.

Save precious time of nurses and doctors

MayaRED acts as a virtual patient advocate, giving them the 1-on-1 care that they deserve while reducing staff workload.

Save admin time and reduce staff burnout
Digital human that emulates face-to-face communication & develops therapeutic alliance
Automatically assess patient understanding & assist around the clock

Hospital patient discharge complex & full of challenges.

Over 35 million hospital discharges occur annually in the United States with unplanned readmissions costing $15 to 20 billion dollars annually. Preventing avoidable readmissions and unnecessary hospitalizations can profoundly improve patient satisfaction and the financial wellbeing of health care systems. Lowering readmissions using a high quality discharge program has a direct impact on your reimbursements.

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