Population health management

Solutions for population health management

Our state-of-the-art platform helps you better manage and deliver optimal health outcomes.

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Population health is brighter with MayaMD

Our state-of-the-art platform manages a comprehensive set patient data to enable actionable insights and preventative and predictive care for your entire population.

Access the appropriate patient data and insights sooner
Make smarter decisions, faster
Proactive & preventive care

The best engagement technology with the best clinical AI

We've tested our platform in rural villages in India to prove how it's might and performance. Your population is in good hands with MayaMD.

Identify at-risk patients sooner
Get access to a complete patient record with medical history, labs, allergies, medications, social determinants & more
Identify cohorts of patients that require proactive interventions and timely care.

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Bringing together prediction, physician and precision

Diagnostic self-triage where the expertise of thousands of doctors meets the speed of cutting-edge technology.