Remote patient monitoring

Enhance patient-provider communication and give patients access to healthcare anytime, anywhere.

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Meet Maya, your AI health assistant. MayaMD healthcare technology solutions for superior patient engagement, patient triage, telemedicine and more.

The Most Engaging AI Platform Available

MayaMD's conversational interface significantly improves patient engagement, a key factor in activating patients to better manage their health.

Patients can interact with Maya before or after visits to share symptoms, ask questions & learn relevant information
Access to healthcare 24/7

The RPM Experience with MayaMD



Maya creates a highly engaging experience to collect demographic data, medical history, current conditions, medications and more.



Dashboards for patients and providers to help monitor data from devices and manage better results.


Custom Alerts

Customize your settings for patients so you only get notifications when needed.



Designed to help better manage chronic conditions, activate patients and increase revenue for providers.

MayaMD Remote Patient Monitoring technology. RPM solutions and telemedicine platform with an AI health assistant built in.

Patient and Physician Empowerment

One integration for digitized Intake, Scheduling, Telehealth, RPM, Clinical Decision Support, Patient Education, Symptom Checker, Reminders, Alerts and much more

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Superior customer experience strengthens patient engagement and correlates to 50% higher hospital margins.

It's a win-win for patients and providers, because engaged patients cost 25% less than disengaged ones.


MayaMD is the ultimate patient engagement solution.

MayaMD's robust clinical engine was built using state of the art AI and a library of evidence-based medical knowledge, allowing it to interpret complex clinical data and give inferences found only among doctors with decades of experience while continuously learning and improving over time.