Remote patient monitoring

A complete virtual care solution that boosts patient engagement to give you better results and return on your investment.

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Maximize your RPM return with MayaMD

Most remote patient monitoring vendors are simply underperforming. Why? Low compliance rates. MayaMD approaches RPM with an optimal structure that’s proven effective. We combine our state of the art AI-powered engagement platform with a team-based architecture to ensure the best return.

Empower patients with access to care anytime, anywhere

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Easy to use patient app
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Engaging conversational interface
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Medication and treatment reminders
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Customized educational content

Improve patient satisfaction without straining your staff

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Reduce readmissions and unnecessary visits
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More efficient use of clinical resources 
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Easy setup and integration
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Web-based admin portal with real-time patient data
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Our team of medical assistants manage patients for you
The MayaMD RPM Experience

One platform, one intelligent solution



Our team can design an optimal RPM solution that meets the needs of your patients and providers. We help integrate our platform with your existing systems and train your staff to get acclimated with it.



The provider identifies a patient who would be a good fit for RPM, then we will check their eligibility. We will provide them with one of our FDA approved RPM devices and help them get acclimated with it.

Blood Pressure Monitor
Pulse Oximeter
Weight Scale


The patient's readings are automatically sent to your web-based admin portal. We keep an eye on how many readings the patient is taking on average and nudge them if needed.


Monitor & Support

We monitor all of the patient's vitals and notify you of any out-of-bounds readings. Maya works to improve compliance rate with the help of a conversational interface that boosts patient engagement.

See why providers are choosing MayaMD's AI RPM platform to better manage their patients

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Patients can tell MayaMD their symptoms for a 360-degree view of their health. So patients know where to go next. And doctors know where to start.