We believe every person on the planet should have access to the highest quality of healthcare, no matter where they live or what they can pay.

MayaMD is designed to enhance physician-patient communication and collaboration, providing an optimal health care experience.

MayaMD combines the power of AI with the best medical expertise of physicians to deliver unparalleled access to healthcare

Significantly reduced cost of care by routing patients to lowest cost care
Conversational interface for superior engagement
Patient education tools for vital health literacy
Fewer diagnostic errors
Access to thousands of providers virtually and in person
Instant answers to medical questions

MayaMD replicates how a physician approaches a patient

Using advanced clinical algorithms, MayaMD can process any number or combination of symptoms, labs, past medical history, and medications in less than a half a second and sends detailed notes to health providers. 

< 90s
Time from start to triage
Triage accuracy
Symptoms and conditions
Physician hours
Developer hours
Physician responses to train Maya
< 24hr
Time to add new modules
Years of development

Developed in collaboration with researchers from leading universities

Research at University of Utah showed that our tool has the potential to improve diagnostic ability in nurse practitioners for very complicated diagnoses.
Research projects showed that our tool improves the performance of medical residents in preoperative evaluations.
A research project (researchers from Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Utah) is underway to determine if our glaucoma tool empowers ophthalmology technicians.
We collaborated with multiple top universities (Yale, UC Denver, Utah) to design a tool that improves critical thinking ability of medical students and post-graduate residents.
Our interface is designed based on usability testing and evaluations by the University of Utah.
Our professional application can diagnose hundreds of rare cases that are published in top medical journals. No other symptom checker can match this.

We collaborated with top universities to design a tool that improves critical thinking ability of medical students and post-graduate residents.

A recent study with medical faculty and researchers from top universities showed MayaMD is 94-97% accurate on patient triage, whereas ER physicians scored 86-88% and ER PAs scored 65%.

MayaMD Triage Accuracy Rate - clinical study comparing MayaMD digital health assistant accuracy compared to physicians and PAs.

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