Our mission is to make quality care accessible anytime, anywhere.

MayaMD is a value based healthcare platform designed to empower patients and providers with state of the art clinical AI insight.

Combining AI precision with physician expertise.


years of development


triage accuracy


physician hours

Selected out of hundreds of startups to UCSF Health Hub Digital Awards

Selected out of thousands to CB Insights Top 150 digital health startups

Selected out of over a thousand startups to LG Nova’s final 20 list

Designed to boost patient engagement

9 out of 10
Patients highly satisfied
Patients felt very confident about using MayaMD

Reduce strain on clinicians & staff

Fewer readmissions
Higher efficiency

Lower costs while improving access to quality care

Patients kept in-network
Time saved from digital patient notes

Engage & empower patients with tools to better understand & manage their health

Insight & clinical decision support tools to help providers work efficiently & effectively

Human Precision

Technology enabling humans to perform at the highest level.

Automate & streamline the patient journey.

Rigorously trained to handle any clinical pathway or patient journey. See how Maya can help your organization today.

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Developed in collaboration with researchers & physicians from top medical schools

Research at University of Utah showed that our tool has the potential to improve diagnostic ability in nurse practitioners for very complicated diagnoses.

Research projects showed that our tool improves the performance of medical residents in preoperative evaluations.

A research project (researchers from Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Utah) is underway to determine if our glaucoma tool empowers ophthalmology technicians.

We collaborated with multiple top universities (Yale, UC Denver, Utah) to design a tool that improves critical thinking ability of medical students and post-graduate residents.

Our interface is designed based on usability testing and evaluations by the University of Utah.

Our professional application can diagnose hundreds of rare cases that are published in top medical journals. No other symptom checker can match this.

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