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The go-to app for clinical decision support & virtual care. Designed by top medical professionals to help & serve.

MayaPro - AI clinical engine designed to assist physicians with clinical decision support tools

Use MayaPro for support at the bedside, in-take & telehealth. Built in collaboration with top medical schools, MayaPro replicates how an expert physician would approach a clinical challenge.

< 90s
Time from start to triage
Triage accuracy
Symptoms and conditions
Lab tests
Physical signs
Years of development

Triage, Care Coordination & More

In under a minute, Maya collects roughly 25 clinical decision points and analyzes them with advanced algorithms to triage the patient to appropriate care with 94% accuracy.

Safely route patients to appropriate care, and use MayaPro's DDx for patient care.
Clinical algorithms developed in collaboration with researchers from leading medical schools
MayaPro - AI tool designed to reduce errors and assist clinicians with decision support

Includes an all-in-one telemedicine platform

Get up and running with telemedicine in no time with our custom-built platform that comes directly integrated with MayaPro.

Customizable, white-label telemedicine solution
HIPAA-compliant video and chat, patient portal, appointment scheduling and much more

Ease operational stress

MayaPro can aid your staff with patient in-take, triage and complex decisions to reduce patient throughput time.

Manage and handle more with less by implementing MayaPro
A complete virtual & onsite care solution to aid your staff
MayaPro - AI clinical engine with 10,000+ symptoms and conditions built-in

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MayaPro Was Built By Clinicians For Clinicians 

Give your patients the care and support they need and start experiencing the power of AI with a whole new level of healthcare insight.

Clinical design support engine for doctors and medical professionals.