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The go-to app for clinical decision support & virtual care. Designed by top medical professionals to help & serve.

MayaPro - AI clinical engine designed to assist physicians with clinical decision support tools

Use MayaPro for support at the bedside, in-take & telehealth. Built in collaboration with top medical schools, MayaPro replicates how an expert physician would approach a clinical challenge.

< 90s
Time from start to triage
Triage accuracy
Symptoms and conditions
Lab tests
Physical signs
Years of development

Triage, Care Coordination & More

In under a minute, Maya collects roughly 25 clinical decision points and analyzes them with advanced algorithms to triage the patient to appropriate care with 94% accuracy.

Safely route patients to appropriate care, and use MayaPro's DDx for patient care.
Clinical algorithms developed in collaboration with researchers from leading medical schools
MayaPro - AI tool designed to reduce errors and assist clinicians with decision support

Includes an all-in-one telemedicine platform

Get up and running with telemedicine in no time with our custom-built platform that comes directly integrated with MayaPro.

Customizable, white-label telemedicine solution
HIPAA-compliant video and chat, patient portal, appointment scheduling and much more

Ease operational stress

MayaPro can aid your staff with patient in-take, triage and complex decisions to reduce patient throughput time.

Manage and handle more with less by implementing MayaPro
A complete virtual & onsite care solution to aid your staff
MayaPro - AI clinical engine with 10,000+ symptoms and conditions built-in

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Developed in collaboration with researchers from leading universities

Research at University of Utah showed that our tool has the potential to improve diagnostic ability in nurse practitioners for very complicated diagnoses.
Research projects showed that our tool improves the performance of medical residents in preoperative evaluations.
A research project (researchers from Johns Hopkins, Stanford, Utah) is underway to determine if our glaucoma tool empowers ophthalmology technicians.
We collaborated with multiple top universities (Yale, UC Denver, Utah) to design a tool that improves critical thinking ability of medical students and post-graduate residents.
Our interface is designed based on usability testing and evaluations by the University of Utah.
Our professional application can diagnose hundreds of rare cases that are published in top medical journals. No other symptom checker can match this.