MayaMD Releases Next Generation Consumer/Patient Empowerment Tool

The new consumer health assistant app by MayaMD joins a suite of clinician-level decision-support tools designed to reduce diagnosis error

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MayaMD Releases Free Coronavirus Web-Based Tool for Global Public Health Crisis

The new web-based tool, driven by the next-generation MayaMD engine, helps to share user-relevant guidelines for responding to the coronavirus

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MayaMD Welcomes Founder of SIDM to Its Board

MayaMD welcomes to its advisory board a pioneer in patient safety, clinical care, and medical education, Dr. Mark L Graber, founder & President Emeritus of the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM).

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MayaMD.AI Releases COVID-19 Vaccine Tool to Help Bolster the Vaccine Rollout

The COVID-19 vaccine tool, driven by the next-generation MayaMD.AI engine, can answer questions, analyze symptoms, and help patients schedule their vaccine.

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MayaMD Announces COVID Vaccine Tool to Educate Patients and Facilitate Vaccination Process

New COVID-19 vaccine tool, driven by MayaMD’s next-generation AI engine, helps patients schedule vaccine appointments and answer critical questions

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MayaMD is the ultimate patient engagement solution.

MayaMD's robust clinical engine was built using state of the art AI and a library of evidence-based medical knowledge, allowing it to interpret complex clinical data and give inferences found only among doctors with decades of experience while continuously learning and improving over time.