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Medical schools now have a truly engaging learning tool utilizing AI & an innovative flipped classroom design.

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MayaEDU - AI clinical engine designed to help medical students

MayaEDU is the ultimate medical education tool that combines AI with learning. It offers medical cases, simulation training and vast database of quizzes.

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Diagnostic Training

MayaEDU provides students with a hands-on learning experience since it has a full differential diagnosis engine that can process any number and/or combination of symptoms, signs, labs, tests, medications, past medical history. So it is ideal for bedside training, small group learning sessions and simulations.

MayaEDU - AI clinical engine to help medical students with patient diagnosis decisions
MayaEDU - AI app to help medical students prepare for exams

Prepare for Exams Based On Your University Curriculum

We offer a variety of content based on the requirement of medical students and we can even add your own cases too. Practice questions on different subjects with explanations, correct answers, scores, and percentile to prepare for the entrance examinations of UG and PG.

Active Cases and Practice Cases From Universities

Brush up your diagnostic skills with cases in real-time. Universities add real-time clinical cases along with Lab Results, Signs, Symptoms, Past Medical History, and Family History which allow users to practice the diagnosis and prepare for the unpredictable. Get feedback on your responses from our partner universities.

MayaEDU - AI clinical engine to help medical students with practice cases