MayaMD Releases Next Generation Consumer/Patient Empowerment Tool

The new consumer health assistant app by MayaMD joins a suite of clinician-level decision-support tools designed to reduce diagnosis error

The Problem

Did you know that a patient dies every 9 minutes from a diagnosis error? Sad but true. Unfortunately, diagnosis error is much more prevalent and costly than most of us realize. Healthcare costs in the United States have skyrocketed well beyond those in all other developed nations.

A recent study in the Journal of General Internal Medicine found that patients, on average, had only 11 seconds to explain the reason for their visit before their physician interrupted them. Is this patient-centered care? Must a person wait on average 24 days just to see their physician. Is this patient-centered care?

At a minimum, wrong or delayed diagnosis causes more serious harm to patients than any other type of medical error. A study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association found that each year 40,000-80,000 people die from diagnostic failures in the U.S. Another study published in BMJ Quality and Safety revealed that diagnostic errors — not surgical mistakes or medication overdoses — accounts for the largest fraction of malpractice claims, the most severe patient harm and the highest total of penalty payouts. Research by David Newman-Toker MD PhD of Johns Hopkins showed that improving the accuracy and timeliness of diagnoses reduces costs from inappropriate testing, wrong treatments and malpractice law suits and potentially saves over $100 billion per year. And the consensus study report, The Path to Improve Diagnosis and Reduce Diagnostic Error, concluded that diagnosis performance will improve if patients are recognized as vital partners in the diagnostic process.”

The Solution

Introducing MayaMD, your very own personal health assistant—an app that arms you with the most advanced AI-powered healthcare tool. MayaMD can process any number or combination of symptoms, signs, and labs results in less than a second, and can connect you to your physician or to one of over 2 million clinicians in our network. MayaMD will always listen to you and empower you to better collaborate with your clinician. MayaMD is putting you, the patient, back at the center of care.

MayaMD, being launched this month, aims to tackle this problem by utilizing a next-generation AI health assistant that patients can download onto their phone. This new app makes you feel like you are having a conversation with your doctor. A user simply enters in their symptoms and provides some context and MayaMD instantly provides a list of possible diagnoses sorted by probability and severity. MayaMD then provides the physical signs and labs needed to refine the diagnosis, information about the type of clinician and care facility that would appropriately serve you, list of local providers you can promptly connect with and then puts your info into a shareable clinical note that you can save for later reference or forward to your physician.

Media Inquiries

Christian Habermann
MayaMD | CMO

About MayaMD

MayaMD Inc. was founded by Vipindas Chengat, MD FACP to reduce the prevalence of diagnosis and human cognitive error. MayaMD builds tools to quickly deliver the most relevant health and medical information to the consumer, patient, clinician and student so that diagnoses, treatment, learning and collaboration are timely, effective and affordable.

MayaMD believes that regardless of who you are or where you live or how much money you have, you should have rapid access to the best healthcare information and medical advice in the world.For more information about MayaMD and their MayaMD Health Assistant (for consumers and patients), MayaPRO (for clinicians), MayaEDU (for clinician students) and MayaMD Coronavirus (for everyone) apps, please visit or the iTunes or Google Play app stores.

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