The Costs of Avoidable Emergency Department Visits

Avoidable emergency department visits add $32 billion in costs to the healthcare system each year.

Every year, there are 18 million visits to the emergency department (ED) that could have been avoided. This over-utilization adds $32 billion in costs to the healthcare system each year.

According to United Healthcare, two-thirds of patients every year could have avoided a trip to the ED and could have instead been treated safely and effectively in high-quality, low-cost primary care settings.

Unnecessary ED visits are a lose-lose situation for providers and patients. Some of the key ways to cut down on avoidable ED visits include:

  1. Patient education: help patients understand their care options and give them informational materials relevant to their needs.
  2. Prompt follow-up: contacting patients within 72 hours of their last visit.
  3. Consistent patient engagement: making sure patients stay on top of their health and schedule check-ups as needed.

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