The Most Searched Symptoms in All 50 States

Each state's most searched symptom reveals some fascinating insights

Far too often we scour the Internet for answers to potential health issues. For any given symptom search, you could have anything, from gangrene to type III diabetes. Looking up physical, mental and emotional symptoms online has become so common that 89% of people will search their symptoms online before they visit a medical professional. Regardless of where you live, you have likely googled medical symptoms.

While searching for medical conditions related to your symptoms is completely normal, it should never replace a visit to the doctor. Despite Google having their hand in every single aspect of our lives at the moment, they are not medical professionals and you cannot replace search results with seeing a doctor or a PA.

You are definitely not alone in your medical searches. In fact, symptoms searches are used so frequently that they are now being tracked so professionals can learn more about potential statewide or nationwide health concerns. Some states have more similar searches than others, and some searches change based on the season. You can find interesting similarities across the country.

The Results Have Spoken

Most states are googling physical symptoms often associated with the common cold and flu. Given that US adults average up to three colds annually, according to the CDC, these searches are quite logical. Perhaps people are searching symptoms to find out if they should get a flu shot or if they actually have a cold or the flu. The reasoning behind searches is not yet definitive only speculative.

It is important to consider one-fifth of all states most commonly made searches related to stress.This is a significant result and one that can be incredibly impactful for medical professionals. Since 2007, The American Psychological Association has been working to bring awareness to stress and its dangers. As more people become aware of the importance of managing stress in their life, the more stress is googled. The most common sources of stress vary from person to person, including work, money, crime, violence, the political climate and the future of the nation.

Fascinating Finds

  • While New York is home to the self-proclaimed City That Never Sleeps, ironically, people in NY search for loss of sleep most often.
  • As a state that is more than familiar with cold winters, Vermonters oddly searched sniffles withthe highest frequency.
  • Wisconsin residents are often searching for conditions related to their light-colored poop.
  • Utah, which has one of the highest birth rates in the country, googled morning sickness the most.
  • Utah, which has one of the highest birth rates in the country, googled morning sickness the most.
  • People in Ohio seemed to be highly concerned about the condition of paleness; whereas, people in Indiana are concerned about problems relating to being uncircumcised.
  • The people of Washington and Nevada seem to be more concerned about upset stomachs than most other states.
  • In Alaska, they want to know more about snoring.
  • And the good people of Mississippi and Alabama seem to be running around with higher-than-average concerns for gas and acid reflux.

Each state's most Googled health problem in 2018. Most searched symptoms for all 50 states.
Each state's most Googled health problem in 2018

Research Methodology

The results were derived by examining the most commonly searched medical symptoms over the past year through Google Trends. The symptoms were then listed alongside similar symptoms. These results were then run through Google Trends again to determine which states experienced the most volume regarding each individual symptom.

Lessons to be Learned

It is important to note that just because people in these states are searching the most about certain symptoms does not mean most people actually have these symptoms or conditions. Be sure that you do not take the medical advice of Internet search results over a consultation with a trusted and well-trained medical professional. Try your best to avoid the Internet when you are not feeling well or when you have symptoms that might be of concern. Searching symptoms online often leads to anxiety, paranoia, stress and unnecessary concern. Make an appointment today with your medical professional if you have a genuine concern and let MayaMD assist you with your personal health.